FIC CROSSOVER (with "Yami no Matsuei", aka. "Descendants of Darkness"): "Red Moon (Akatsuki)"
Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness
At long last, I have managed to bang out and post the first few chapters of my long-awaited crossover between Twhinelite and Yami no Matsuei/aka Descendants of Darkness. At this point the curtain is just rising on the things to come, so I'm mostly introducing the characters and the scenario that throws them together -- plus I finally came up with an ingenious way to send the Cullens to Japan, though I had to borrow a little from Charlaine Harris to do that. Hopefully I'll have chapter two posted in a few days (and the next two within the next few weeks): from chapter two onwards is when the fun begins, and I do mean fun involving the angelic-looking but not-so-good doctor who just might be an energy vampire...

And yes, the rating is going to go up in later chapters, since they involve Muraki doing what he does best (ie. raping, mentally and/or physically torturing and killing people, not necessarily in that order).

Yes, I munged the parts written from Bella's POV: I can't even try to sound as bad as Stephanie Meyers does.

I wrote a poem for Robert!!!! but i need some help with it! i don't know how to finish it!

okay here is how it goes!!!

roses are red!
Violets are blue!
Robert Pattinson is hot!!

what should the last line be?!!?? please help i want to send this to Robert!! i think he will like it!!!! THANKZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

twilight cake!!!
i baked a twilight cake!!! i wanted it to look like this!!!

but my cake turned out like this!!! booo!!!!! i think it looks okay though what do you think?!?!?!?

can someone teach me how to bake better?!?!?! did i add to much blood?!?!?!

what shall i do!
so i have been trying to get through to Robert Pattinson for days now!!!! he must not
be at his office! every time i call his secretary answers! i think her name is Barb.

I ask her if robert is there!
She says no, can i take a message!
I say, its his doctor! or psychiatrist! or veterinarian! or contractor! or publicist! but i think she is on to me!
she always says can i take a message!
I say tell Robert to call me back!
then we say goodbye!
And i don't get a call back!

i think I'm going to buy a voice transformer and call back after that! that way she wont be able to tell it is me again! do you guys have any tips or suggestions??!?!?!?

Twilight stuff!!!!
i wanted to show you guys the stuff i am making to sell on eBay!!!!! i am making lots of twilight stuff!!! i decided to do this because my mom said i need to make money to pay off the phone bill from when i called Robert long distance!!!! this was my best idea!!!

everything is hand made by me!!!! there is a couple mistakes but i don't think they are that noticeable!!!!! i hope you like them!! i am selling the mugs for $20 and tee shirts for $25!!!

tell me if you want to buy one i think they will sell out fast since Christmas is coming!!!!!

My dream!!!!
OMG OMG you wont believe it ! i had this great dream about Robert Cullen last night! it was sooo romantic!!!! it was the best dream i ever had!! wow amazing!!! it felt so real! it started out on the beach and it was a sunset and everything! it was so magical!!!!

do you guys think that the dream was a sign that Robert Cullen is my true love~?! i am starting to think that it was!!!!! yay!!!

p.s. i sent an email to Robert telling him about my dream! i know he is very busy but i hope he gets it!!!!

Today i bought Robert pattinson's old tooth brush off eBay!!! wow i cant wait for it to arrive in the mail! it was only 50 bucks!!!! it has to be real because the sellers name was Twilight4ever!!! a fellow twilight fan would never lie!!!

this is the pic of the toothbrush i bought!!!! there was 1000 others in different colours!!! it is great that the seller found all of Roberts old toothbrushes and is recycling them!!!

Question! would it be weird if i used Roberts old toothbrush?!?!?!

heyyy! so today i wore body glitter all over to school so i could have vampire skin!!!! and i wore lipstick under my eyes to look like dark circles!!! i think i really caught a lot of peoples attention! everyone stared at me a lot~! it was great! i think they really thought i was a REAL vampire!

this is what i looked like today!!!!

clean your blood!!!
Today i drank a cup of Apple Cider vinegar! i heard it cleans your blood! that will be good and maybe it will help attract other vampires to me!!! tomorrow i am going to try eating a cup of pickled beets to help clean my blood! :)

Do you know any better ways to clean your blood that don't taste so bad?!!!! and also, should i avoid garlic if i want other vampires to like me?!!!! or is that just a myth!>?!?!?

BOO!!!!!!! :( :( :(
after nine hours and 21 minutes, my phone died!!!! i never got to talk to Edward Robert!!! :( i guess i will just have to try again tomorrow!!!


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